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Crypto-Currency Mining



This website was developed by a Dunamis Global Technologies LLC customer. It is designed to provide information to introduce others to the Dunamis concept of: Co-Location, High Capacity, Secure Mining Space designed for the person who may only have a small amount to invest in crypto-currency mining but who wants to be involved.

Those who have already purchased mining equipment with Dunamis may also find this site of benefit to provide ongoing material that the designer of this website finds valuable for education regarding crypto-cuuency.

The links at the top of the page are for reference regarding Siacoin and Binance (which is an exchange that many of the Dunamis customers use for their Crypto-Wallets). Thus, you will find links that will take you to other sites for your education and convenience.

For those of you that find the concept of co-location services for the small investor to be of interest, you may wish to begin with a short four minute introduction message provided by the company.

Just dial: (302) 202-1115

Access code: 83619937

Listen to the message.

For information concerning meetings and locations, you should contact the person who directed you to this website. You may also call or text:
Terry Major, (623) 451-5588


Media Files

VID: Dunamis Video Presentations

VID: Bitcoin is going to be Digital Gold

VID: Navigating Investments


PDF: Fundamentals of Proof of Work

PDF: Mike Novogratz - about Bitcoin

WEB: Bitcoin CO news